Stihl Chainsaw Demo 11/28

We had 14 to 16 people there including two from the Barnstable DPW, the rest from our club.

It was a good information session on the Use, Operation, Safety and Maintenance related to chain saws. While there was far too much information presented to even begin to recap all in attendance each got something of value from the afternoon.

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We’d like to acknowledge three people for putting this together for us. First of all our club driving force, Mike Gould. Mike worked for several years on getting a chain saw safety demo for the club as he knows the value of safety in all aspects of woodturning (even if he sometimes forgets to pull down his face shield). ;>) Thanks Mike!

The second person we want to acknowledge is Ray Graceffa who owns and operates “The Village Shop” on 6A near The Bee Hive Restaurant.

Ray sell and services Stihl chain saws and other Stihl equipment as well as several other top quality brands of equipment that you might have an interest in.

Visit Ray at 411 Route 6A, East Sandwich, MA. 02537 and let him know you are a CCW member and appreciate his support in getting this demo to happen.

We also want to thank Mike Pateneaude for being persistent in getting to the Cape to deliver this much valued information to us. Mike was scheduled to come last year but had to cancel because of some severe weather increasing the need for chainsaws in New England causing him to have to spend a month in the warehouse helping out there. This year Big Blow Sandy had a similar effect on Mike’s schedule when we had to cancel his demo, but he was determined to make time for us and rescheduled.

Mike is a Applications Specialist for Northeast Stihl and works all of the Northeast and then some. He did a great job of delivering the content and was great about answering all of our questions.

Along with his presentation Mike provided us with materials such as;

  • A booklet “Sharp Advice For Chainsaw Owners” which is packed with a lot of information on all things related to the chain part of the saw, especially keeping it sharp.
  • The Chain Saw Safety Manual. Yep, you guessed it, it’s packed with safety tips and warnings. A must read for chain saw operators.
  • A 2012 (Stihl) Product Information Guide, 35th Edition
  • Stihl Power Tools & Accessories catalogue. Kinda’ reminds me of the Christmas Wish Book.

All of these are available from Ray at the Village Shop.

Mike also left us a DVD for the club to use and share. This DVD was the crux of Mike’s presentation and if you were not there and use a chain saw at all, we recommend that you give it the 63 minutes it deserves. It may save you a leg or something. It will certainly give you a better understanding of the saw and how to make it last longer and do its job better with less effort.

We have the DVD, let me know if you’d like to borrow it.

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