CCW Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program is one of the many benefits offered by membership in the Cape Cod Woodturners Club, and it’s free!

Our mentors are dedicated volunteers who generously offer their time and expertise for the benefit of others in the club. It’s an excellent way for those new to woodturning to get off to a great start, gain a solid foundation in the basics and develop safe operating practices as they learn and the program is open to all club members.

If you would like to hone your skills, expand your knowledge, or learn new and exciting techniques the Mentoring Program may be for you.

The program matches teacher and student, one-on-one. This arrangement provides members with individual instruction on specific topics, or in general areas, and ensures that the guidance received is specifically aligned with the students needs.

How it works:

  • A club member wishing to become a mentor contacts the mentor coordinator and asks to be added to the list of available mentors. This list is available on the club website and includes the topics of interest each mentor is offering to teach.
  • When a request is received, the mentor coordinator matches up the student with an instructor. When a mentor agrees to take on a student, the mentor contacts the student directly.
  • Meetings are generally held at the mentor’s shop, although the student’s shop may also be used if deemed appropriate.
  • The mentor and student determine the schedule and duration of each session. There is no specified limit to the number of sessions. One to four would be considered a typical arrangement.
  • The mentor will forward information pertaining to each training session to the mentor coordinator for the club record. This information will include the name of the student, the date, the length of the session, and the general lesson content.

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